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What Is Diagnostic Assessment?


Dr Peter taking a thermal reading of a new patients cervical spine

We use diagnostic tools at your initial consultation. These tools are:

  • appropriate for all ages
  • effective in helping diagnose your underlying condition
  • our primary means of obtaining objective, measurable data about your progress

What Should I Do?

Please wear comfortable clothing to your visit. And leave the rest to us.


All data collected is processed through our modern diagnostic program to help determine how best to help you

How Does This Help?

The main benefit with these forms of assessments is that they provide objective findings that can be used later and throughout your care as a baseline from which to measure your progress.

The Tools We Use

Incorporated in our diagnostic assessment exam process are the following tools:

  • Insight NeuralTherm™ Scanner – identifies areas of misalignment in your spine by measuring differences in skin temperature
  • Static and Dynamic Surface Electromyography (sEMG) – identifies areas of misalignment in your spine by measuring and analysing the electrical activity within your para-spinal muscles
  • The Pulse Wave Profiler – demonstrates through baseline and follow-up comparisons, improvement in your resting heart rate as an indicator of positive systemic response to care
  • Wire Dual Inclinometer – used to perform 3-dimensional range-of-motion tests, and unlike any other inclinometer on the market, factors in what’s normal for your age and gender

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