Meet Our Bowral Chiropractor

Meet Our Bowral Chiropractor

Dr Peter Burt (Chiropractor) has a sporting background which led him into chiropractic. In his early twenties he played competitive rugby in Western Australia, before signing a contract to play for Chicago.

Taking part in national games took Dr Peter all across the US and when playing a game in Atlanta he was asked whether he would like to take up a scholarship at Life University to study chiropractic while continuing to play rugby.

“I gladly accepted this opportunity to study at Life University, which is the largest chiropractic college in the world.”

Expanding My Knowledge of Chiropractic

During his time at Life University, Dr Peter thrived on the challenge of balancing his studies with being a full-time athlete.

“I not only discovered from the course that chiropractic is a very varied discipline, gaining knowledge about the whole body and the science that underpins chiropractic, but I also learned the importance of taking a holistic approach.”

Even after leaving college, Dr Peter has continued to expand his knowledge and skills. He regularly attends technique and research seminars to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in chiropractic.

More About Dr Peter

Coming from a large family, Dr Peter grew up in The Sutherland Shire in Sydney. In his spare time he enjoys sports and outdoor activities, and is involved with the local rugby team. He also likes spending time with his family, including his nieces and nephews, who along with his other relatives receive chiropractic care from him.